USA TODAY Travel reporters

You may have seen some new bylines at USA TODAY, so let me formally introduce the new Travel team. 

Three new consumer travel reporters joined the team this summer covering everything you need to know to plan, enjoy and make the most of your next trip. 

I’m Josh Rivera, Travel editor, and I have been with USA TODAY since 2016 in different capacities as an Opinion editor, a Consumer editor and an Audience editor. 

As travel rebounded after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, we had to shift from mainly covering restrictions and protocols to reflecting the needs of our audience (you!). Whether you are traveling for work, to visit family or simply have a nice vacation we hope to be a trusted source of news to help you throughout your journey – along with our partners at 10Best and Reviewed.  

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The USA TODAY Travel team remains committed to highlighting the experiences of underrepresented communities while traveling and is always looking for ways to incorporate those into our daily stories. 

You can follow me on Twitter @Josh1Rivera, or reach me at [email protected] with any pitches. 

Freelancers are welcome to submit pitches through this form (click here), but if you need special accommodations you can email me directly. Due to the volume of pitches, please allow a reasonable amount of time for a response.

Without further ado, here’s USA TODAY’s new Travel team.

Who covers national parks and theme parks at USA TODAY?

Eve Chen is a consumer travel reporter focusing on national parks, theme parks and diversity in travel, exploring how our identities shape the way we experience the world. Long before covering parks, she was the parks expert for friends and family.  Prior to joining the travel team, Eve was a senior producer with Gannett’s Video Production Center, focused on breaking and trending news. Give her a follow on Twitter @chenwilliams.

You can reach her at [email protected]

USA TODAY reporter Eve Chen

Some recent work by Eve: 

Who covers cruises at USA TODAY?

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter focusing on cruises. Diller was a recurrent freelance travel reporter who worked closely with The Washington Post’s Travel vertical By The Way, where he covered travel restrictions and general travel features. He is a Columbia Journalism School graduate and has served as a fact-checker for BDG’s lifestyle features and was previously a staff writer at DCist covering breaking news and features. Give him a follow on Twitter @nateclaydiller.

You can reach him at [email protected]

USA TODAY reporter Nathan Diller

Some recent work by Nathan: 

Who covers air travel at USA TODAY?

Zach Wichter is a consumer travel reporter focusing on airlines. Wichter has been an aviation reporter for both The Points Guy and The New York Times covering details about aircrafts, the effects of climate change on air travel and the industry as a whole during the pandemic. He came to USA TODAY from Bankrate where he worked as a mortgage reporter. Give him a follow on Twitter @zlwichter.

USA TODAY reporter Zach Wichter

You can reach him at [email protected]

Some recent work by Zach: 

Who covers consumer travel news and Hawaii at USA TODAY?

Kathleen Wong is a consumer travel reporter focusing on trending travel content and Hawaii news. Kathleen previously contributed features to USA TODAY as a freelancer, and her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Cut, Vice and more. She is a meticulous writer with a passion for local issues to Hawaii. Give her a follow on Twitter @Katmarwong.

You can reach her at [email protected]

USA TODAY reporter Kathleen Wong

Some recent work by Kathleen: 

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